Getting to know the 10 most popular beef cuts

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Publish Date: 2012-08-15 17:59:00

Different countries have different names for their basic meat cuts, also known as primal cuts. Here is a list of the most common cuts and their local names so you’ll know what to ask for when you head on over to the nearest Monterey Meatshop.

Brisket (punta y pecho)

The brisket is a very coarsely textured muscle that takes a while to become soft and tender. It does pack in a lot of flavor, making it ideal for delicious stews as well as yummy barbecues. 

Short ribs (tagiliran, tadyang)

The short ribs found in the cow’s chest area are ideal for slow cook methods, like stewing, barbecuing, braising and grilling because of the layers of bones and meat.

Barbecue steak/shoulder blade (paypay)

This cut of beef contains a lot of connective tissue, including collagen, which partially melts during cooking. This is ideal for stewing, slow cooking, braising and pot roasts.

Chuck rib (kadera)

Chuck rib is considered one of the most flavorful cuts of meat. This cut tends to be less tender and fatty, however, but still ideal for stews and braises and soup-based dishes like nilaga.

Oyster blade (kalitiran)

Oyster blade is another cut from the shoulder blade of the cow that is rich in connective tissue and has generous fat marbling. It can be used to replace offal like ox tongue in dishes, just in case you are serving guests who don’t like offal.

Sirloin (tapadera)

The sirloin is a little less tender than the tenderloin but offers a more affordable yet still flavorful choice meat for dishes that require sautéing, pan frying, broiling or grilling.

Tenderloin (solomillo)

The tenderloin is one of the most tender of beef cuts because it comes from a cow muscle that does not move as much. Use this cut for dishes that require tender meat, like steaks or roasts.

Flank steak (Camto)

This flat cut of meat from the abdomen of the cow is a flavorful cut with a coarse texture, requiring some tenderizing through braising, for example. This cut is used in a lot of stir-fry dishes.

Shank (bulalo)

The shank is a tough yet distinctly flavorful meat cut that is best used in soup-based dishes such as bulalo and dishes that require long cooking times in moist heat, such as stews and braises.

Round (pigue or pienacorta y lagra)

This cut of lean meat can be pan-fried like a steak when cut thinly and pounded. It is also ideal for mincing, as in ground round that is used in dishes such as burgers as well as in preparing the sauce for spaghetti. It is used in a wide variety of dishes.

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