Monterey tells you where your meat came from

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Publish Date: 2012-09-20 20:16:00

One likely cause of large-scale incidents of serious illnesses linked to contaminated food is the long route that it goes through from source to plate. With pork for instance, a pig may undergo several processes before it reaches the dinner table in the form of grilled pork chops. This is why large food companies take food safety very seriously.

Consumers are now more concerned about food safety than ever, especially in our hot weather where food spoils very easily. Even people who don’t cook now want to know where their food comes from.

Not all meat products are created equal and there are many factors that make Monterey meat more superior than the pork or beef that you will find in wet markets and other meatshops.
Monterey uses the latest technology in feed milling, breeding, livestock raising and slaughtering to bring to our dining tables the best quality meat.

“The journey of quality meat begins in the farm”, says San Miguel Foods Inc.( SMFI) General Manager Dr. Leo Obviar, a veterinarian. SMFI is a subsidiary of San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. – the food division of San Miguel Corporation.

Monterey meat comes from imported grandparent stocks. And when it comes to raising hogs and cattle, no one can rival Monterey. Monterey pork comes from grain-fed hogs that produce healthy, lean and parasite-free meat. The beef comes from imported Australian cattle fattened with grain and protein concentrates to produce tender and wholesome steaks and other beef cuts.
“At Monterey controlled farms, the animals are regularly weighed and raised with minimal stress in their environment. Stress can result in low quality meat,” explains Obviar.

At the Monterey plant, the hogs and cattle are slaughtered humanely using the most modern methods. The carcasses then go through a rapid chilling process wherein they are subjected to a temperature of  7oC for 12 hours. Cleanliness is ensured throughout the whole process because the carcasses go through several disinfecting steps. The meat is inspected every step of the way by Monterey and the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) inspectors.

The Monterey Cavite Meatplant has won NMIS Seal of Excellence awards, ISO certifications and recognition for its compliance to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Systems and Good Manufacturing Practices and Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures.

The meat is transported under controlled conditions to maintain freshness and safety. Monterey meat is distributed by refrigerated trucks to keep the temperature stable from the plant to Monterey Meatshops, where the meat is kept and displayed in chillers and freezers. 
SMFI recently rolled out the Know Your Meat Caravan in support of the “Chilled is fresh…Chilled is safe” campaign of the NMIS.  The caravan educates consumers on how to handle and cook meat properly.

To know more about the Caravan, go to or follow @KnowYourMeat on Twitter.

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