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Grilled Lambs Chop in Adobo Marinade

This addictive, scrumptious dish is perfect if you’re wanting to level up your Adobo.

Berry-licious Coffee Custed Lambchops

Sweet Lamb

Stay home and enjoy this luscious dish with your sweetheart.

Slow Cooked Lamb with Beans

When you want to cook something special, try this tender lamb in rich, beefy broth.

Lamb Chops with Herbed Butter

The smell of herbs and extra virgin olive oil is enough to whet one's appetite.



  • Braised Lamb in Cream Sauce

  • Bread Lamb Chops

  • Lamb Adobo

  • Lamb BBQ San Choy Bau

  • Lemon Garlic Lamb Kebab

  • Lamb Chops Ala Romano